Linden Hills Remodel

The owners of this turn of the century home in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis wanted to improve its curb appeal by returning the house to its historical character. The three season porch on the front of the house was replaced with a beautiful open porch with a stone foundation, columns, and an arched entry. New Marvin windows surrounded by cedar boards completed the craftsman detailing. A new deck with trellis was added to the rear of the home. "We have a small house, but all of a sudden we have all of this outdoor living space, and it looks like another living room," the owner said. "We get to hang out and people walk by and we chat and it's great. For some people, maybe the outside of the house would have looked fine. But for visual people, when you come home every day and walk up and don't like the way it looks, it eats at your soul." Sagging 2 x 4 eaves were shored up with these cedar brackets and trim. Adding to the craftsman detailing.

Project Type: exterior remodel
new porch
rear deck