Cape Cottage

Set within a beautiful city neighborhood off West River Road, this 1940’s cottage was completely updated, remodeled and added to, resulting in a “new house” for the enjoyment of its long-term owners, who plans to remain in the home indefinitely. Each room in the house was restored and refreshed and new spaces were added including kitchen, family room, mudroom, guest bedroom and studio. A new detached garage was sited to provide a screen from the alley and to create a courtyard for a more private backyard. Careful consideration was given to the streetscape and neighboring houses on both the front and back elevations to assure that massing, new materials and exterior details complemented the existing house, street and neighborhood. Finally a new covered porch was added to protect from the elements and present a more welcoming entry from the street.

Project Type: whole house remodel, interior, exterior, and addition
2 bedrooms
2 baths
living room
dining room
family room