Living in your home during a remodel comes with some form of stress to any family even with the most thoughtful contractor. We have found one stress that we can do something about. It's a BuildClean dust control system, that eleviates 90% of airborne construction dust. The pre-filter captures microscopic particulates in the air as small as one micron in diameter.

Because unmanaged construction dust can cause health issues, damage belongings, decrease your satisfaction with the project, and just become a huge irritant, we've tackled one of the biggest stresses of living in your home during remodeingl

A great remodel is all in the details, and at Flynn Construction we know that.  That is why we incorporate a number of best dust management practices along with the BuildClean Dust Control System on every job to make the project “livable” and to ensure that you're highly satisfied. We have a tried and proven dust control plan that goes far beyond the reach of just a fan in a window. Why trust your home in the hands of just any remodeler?